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Are Hoverboards Safe? Beware of Fall & Fire Risks

Are Hoverboards Safe
With all electrical items you have to make sure that you follow all of the instructions that come with the Hoverboard for your safety when using them and even when not using them. The same is for Hoverboards, when they first came onto the scene the reputation was that they were dangerous as they were catching fire when used and when overcharged. Since then there have been many developments with the quality of the Hoverboards.
This is because when they were first produced on a mass scale there was no quality assurance with them and there was no certification or security features on them which would have prevented the errors from happening. These included both when using the Hoverboard and when not using the Hoverboard. For example all of our Hoverboards come with auto-balance which makes the hoverboards a lot easier to get on and off as it means that both sides of the Hoverboard align with each other when the Hoverboard is turned on whereas before they would have simply just stayed uneven.
On the Hoverboard itself there is a lot more covering to try and prevent water from getting inside the hoverboard. Where the charger normally connects to the hoverboard there is also a little safety cap which you can click in when the Hoverboard is not being charged so that you can prevent any water from getting inside which can cause it to malfunction. When it comes to fall risk the majority of people that were falling off the Hoverboards before was due to them not getting any warning before the battery cuts out and so they Hoverboard used to just throw the user off.
Now when used the Hoverboard will beep continuously when the battery is low to prevent the rider from being kicked off the board without warning. The main reason why the Hoverboards were considered a fire hazard before was because when they were being charged, once they were fully charged the battery would still keep trying to power the Hoverboard and so the chargers would overheat which caused them to catch on fire. We have never had this happen to any of our Hoverboards as our Hoverboard chargers will stop powering once the Hoverboard has reached its full charge. 

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