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Hoverboard Battery Replacement

Some of you just bought hoverboards and wonder why their batteries aren't charging. This even applies to when a hoverboard is new, but somehow the hoverboard keeps dying. This is why it is advisable to get your hoverboard from a certified and reputable retailer. This is because there are a number of sellers especially on eBay and Amazon have acquire cheaper stock with uncertified battery thus making their board rather dangerous for the public. However, when you are getting a hoverboard from Hoverboard.co.uk, rest assured that the hoverboard is certified. 
A hoverboard's battery plays a very important role as its power source. As a result, you can drive on your hoverboard freely because you receive a steady flow of power to the motor. However, one day you notice that your hoverboard battery does not hold a charge. There are few steps to carry out to find out if your battery or the charger is the faulty one. Firstly, you would need to plug the charger to a power source/wall plus. The light on the charging block should be lighted green. Next, plug the hoverboard charger into the hoverboard itself making sure that the 3-prong are correctly lined up with the divot at the end. Turn the hoverboard on while the charger is still connected. If the hoverboard turns on, you would get a flashing orange battery indicator on the hoverboard. Then you need to keep the charger connected for 10 minutes and the light on the battery charger should change to red. This indicates that the hoverboard is charging and that the hoverboard is working properly. In the event that your charger light does not turn red, but instead remains green, either you have a defective hoverboard battery or your battery is 100% full. A bad hoverboard battery or a defective motherboard may be the reason your hoverboard does not turn on.
However, if your hoverboard does turn on and you are able to ride for hours, congratulations your  hoverboard is still in good condition and your battery would not need replacing. 
So how do you fix a broken battery? A segway hoverboard battery that isn't working isn't repairable by the average consumer, but it can be replaced. Fortunately to get hoverboard battery replacement is rather easy with us at Hoverboard.co.uk. You can ship the board to us for repair and let us handle the hard work for you. This will not only ensure that you will have the correct battery that you need for your hoverboard, but our tech team will also ensure that there are no other issues with the hoverboard before sending it back to you. 
However, if you would like to do it yourself, you can do so. Just remember to get a certified battery that would be safe for your hoverboard. Once you have secured the battery, you will have to unscrew and remove the lower part of the body. Disconnect the battery from the plug it is connected to by unscrewing the four screws holding it to the frame. Afterwards, attach the battery to the frame with the 4 screws and plug in the new battery. Now that the shell is back together, you can secure it with screws.

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