• Ce and Ul certified
  • Ce and Ul certified

  • 100% safe secure shopping
  • 100% safe secure shopping

  • 12
  • 12 months warranty

Why choose us

Out of all the electric balance board providers in the UK, why would you choose us? Well, here at Hoverboard we provide the highest quality and standard of hoverboard, along with the best value for your money when it comes to purchasing ones of our eco-friendly and entertaining products. Our Hoverboards are easy to use and are very functional. Scooting along on your self-balancing board has never been easier, simply lean in the direction you want to move. And add pressure to choose foot to turn directions. It is a fun and safe product to use to make them commutes that are too short to drive but too long to walk.
In addition to this, here at Hoverboard we offer a phenomenal array of Swegway hoverboards in a range of types, colours and designs. Each with their own unique look and style and with each self-balancing board being crafted to suit the user’s needs to ensure an easy and enjoyable experience when using any of our high quality electric products.  All of our Hoverboards are built with two wheels which vary in size depending on the model of Hoverboard you choose.
Along with design and a variety of models to choose from when selecting our Hoverboard products. They all come with a carry bag to easily store and bring your Hoverboard everywhere with you and a user manual for any additional information you will need. Certain products also come with built in Bluetooth speakers which can be connected to a smartphone device or tablet to play music from as your ride around your self-balancing board. Again, certain products come with built in LED lighting for extra effect during use and some are used as rear and frontend lights to indicate movement.
Furthermore, we take safety very seriously here at Hoverboard and we are renowned for having safe and being certified as complying with the EU safety regulations. Meeting all the applicable safety standards for the UK/EU and are all certified and tested before selling.
All of our products also come with a CE Certified UK Charger and battery powered by authentic Li-Ion battery cells (4400mAh) as a certified SAMSUNG battery. We can promise 100% safety from our UK certified balancing boards.
To conclude, Hoverboard does not want to provide you with anything else but a flawless product that you will fall in love with instantly that takes entertainment and safety into account as you use on a daily basis. We guarantee a perfect product each and every time.
When you purchase your self-balancing from Hoverboard we guarantee:  
  • A Ones year’s warranty of your product.
  • Brilliants deals in the future, some with up to 50% or more off
  •  All stock is based in the UK and not abroad
  • Repair centers across the UK can solve any issue you may have with your self-balancing electric board
  • We only supply the safest and certified self-balancing electric boards as complying with the EU safety regulations.
  • UK based customer services
  • All products have a certified SAMSUNG Battery
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