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Are Hoverboards Dangerous

There is a lot of speculation when it comes to Hoverboards on whether they are dangerous or not, this is mainly due to a few Hoverboards catching fire when they first started appearing on the streets. The main reason why this happened to a few hoverboards was due to the fact that they were not up to the safety standards of what they should have been. These were mainly models which were really cheaply made in order for them to get past this barrier for them to be sold in the UK. Since we started selling our Hoverboards we ensure that our Hoverboards are up to scratch with all of the correct safety features required. We have never had any of our Hoverboards ever catch on fire in all of our hundreds of thousands of boards we have sold. This is due to us putting priority on the quality of our Hoverboards.
This is the reason why our Hoverboards are more expensive than models you find on sites such as eBay and Amazon as they are usually models with a lot less quality. Even with our chargers for our Hoverboards they automatically cut off once the Hoverboard has been fully charged which means that there is not going to be a case of the chargers overheating. All of our Hoverboard have to undergo UL testing which consists of over 150 different tests including motor overload test, overcharge test and water exposure test plus much more. On top of all of this the battery which we use for our Hoverboards are powered by Samsung. This is because we buy the cells directly from Samsung in order to use them for our Hoverboards. The only way in which our Hoverboards could be deemed as dangerous is if the user falls off the Hoverboard and this is why we always advise our customers to use it on grass in order for them to get used to riding the Hoverboard itself.
For your safety while using the Hoverboards we recommend that you should make sure of the following:
  • Make sure that if you are purchasing a swegway hoverboard that the Hoverboard has UL 2272 certified. This is to make sure that the Hoverboards have undergone the 150+ testing process to minimise the risk of any dangers.
  • Make sure that when you receive the Hoverboard that is has the certification stating it is UL 2272 certified.
  • Although the Hoverboards will not overheat when left on charge we still recommend that you turn off the charger and do not leave it on charge overnight either.
  • Do not purchase any chargers from any other site as they may not be compliant. If you need a replacement charger then you can purchase one from us.
  • Keep the Hoverboard away from any radiators or heaters to prevent it from overheating the Hoverboard.
  • Do not use the Hoverboard if you are not near the minimum and maximum weights.

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