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Which are the best hoverboards

There are many companies that claim that they sell the best hoverboards on the market. Some companies sell many different types of Hoverboards. However we dedicate all our time and expertise in producing the best Hoverboards on the market as this is the only product set that we sell. When it comes to the best Hoverboard it is very difficult to establish what is meant by the best Hoverboard. This is because it depends on a lot of factors mainly around the use of the Hoverboard. For example if the Hoverboard is going to be used on a really rough terrain then the answer to that question would be different to if it is used on a tarmac surface.
This is because we have certain models such as the Drifter and the Monster which are mainly designed for usage off road as well as on flat surfaces. This is because they have bigger wheels than the other models which are the Vanguard and Fly Plus which both have 6.5 inch wheels.
The Monsters wheels are air filled 10 inch tyres so are designed for use off road but still work just as good on flat surfaces too. 
The Drifter has thicker 8.5 inch wheels which is what makes them better off road than the 6.5 inch wheels as well as having bigger wheels the thickness helps when overcoming rougher terrain types. 
So when it comes to which is the best Hoverboard there is no real answer. All of the components used in our Hoverboards are the same so there is nothing that makes one better than the other. When customers ask us which is the best Hoverboard to buy our first question is usually where it will be used. This helps us establish which board to recommend for the customer to buy.

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