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Pink Camo Classic Kart

*PLEASE NOTE: This is a Pre-Order Your Order Will Be Delivered By 15th December 2023*
Pink Camo Classic Kart

Pink Camo Classic Kart

Product Code : PinkCamoClassicKart


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*PLEASE NOTE: This is a Pre-Order

Your Order Will Be Delivered By 15th December 2023*


Hoverkarts are a definitive expansion to HOVERBOARD® products!
Changing over your self adjusting HOVERBOARD® board to a HoverKart has never been simpler. Essentially affix the Hoverkart to your self adjusting HOVERBOARD® and off you go instantly!
The Hoverkart do surely offer a more enjoyable simpler adjusting ride.
Alongside the comfortable plastic seat, the kart also comes with a supported chassis so you can have a good time and perform stunts in any case.Built to a rigorous standard with best guaranteed high quality and durable components
Another huge component of the astounding Hoverkart configuration is the responsive hand-activity leavers which places you in full control of the HOVERBOARDChildren and adults both can enjoy the Hoverkart as they are easily assembled with adjustable frames and seating position.
The ideal add on and gift for any HOVERBOARD® user. This Kart is compatible with any of the HOVERBOARD® self adjusting boards on the website.
Please read the manual before use.
Protective equipment (helmet, knee pads, elbow pads and protective clothing) should be worn.

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