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Why You Need A Segway Kart!

If you already have a hoverboard and love cruising around upright with no hands. You might wonder why you need to do it sitting down, Hear Us Out! Pairing a kart with your board opens a great new level of fun. And those of you who are hesitant about your balance, the segway kart is a great option to safely add a little more speed to your daily swegway hoverboard kart rides.

  • Segway Karts Are Great For Little Kids

If your hoverboard is going to be used by a wide range of ages including little kids, then adding a kart just makes sense! Children who don't have the coordination to balance or hover can easily master a segway hoverkart. You'll be shocked to see just how quickly your child learns to master the electric scooter, because they will be seated and it will be much safer for a little one to learn the ropes.

  • If you want to ride as safely as possible, do it on a Swegway Go Kart

Hoverboard riding on two feet is totally different from hoverkarting. Owning a kart conversion kit will allow you to have a choice of riding upright at slower speed and riding while sitting segway at a higher speed. Balance is not a factor when you are riding seated so there is a less learning curve, and far less fear factor involved for kids.

  • Segway hoverboard go kart is loved by adults too!

Segway Hoverboard karts are totally addictive and with your seat firmly attached to your hoverboard, nothing's got you holding back. Not only kids, but adults also love riding on segway board go karts, by attaching a segway seat it opens up a whole new level of fun and increases the speed of your hoverboard.

  • Segway and kart bundle offers a whole new level of tricks!

So, there is one thing you cannot do on a hoverboard but can definitely do on a mini segway hoverboard go kart is pop a wheelie! Your new pack of tricks is not just limited to wheelies only. You can do all sorts of zippy carving and spinning on your pink segway bundles.

Buy our amazing segway attachment UK (segway kart) at cheap prices

If you are willing to buy a segway seat attachment to add more fun to your self balancing board riding with a segway attachment by transforming your hoverboard into a swegway hoverboard go kart then HOVERBOARD is the right place for you! We offer all sorts of segway karts like Classic kart, Pro kart and Suspension Kart. Grab the best quality segway hoverboard kart at reasonable segway prices uk now!

Do not own a segway hoverboard? Buy a Segway and Kart Bundle now at HOVERBOARD!

If you do not own a hoverboard, do not worry as we have segway and kart bundles available for you. Buy a segway hoverboard and a kart as a bundle at cheap prices. We ensure that all our hoverboards and karts are of great quality. Hoverboards come with many amazing features such as in-built bluetooth speakers, LED Lights (changes colour while you ride), self-balancing vehicle and much more. We have hoverboard and kart bundles in all sizes to satisfy every individual customer's needs and circumstances. For instance, if you are over 100 kg you need not worry because we have 8.5 inch hoverboards for you as well with a bigger wheel size as they provide more stability and have more weight limit compared to a smaller wheel size.

Looking for a hoverboard for your kid? We got you covered with our 6.5 inch wheel size segway hoverboards which are recommended for kids and beginners as they have a smaller wheel size as compared to the other models and you can also ride a 6.5 inch self balancing hoverboard indoors and provide a maximum range of 12km/h or 7.64 miles per hour. Whereas, the 8.5 and 10 inch wheel size hoverboards are known to be off road hoverboards as they provide a smoother ride even on extremely rough surfaces and offer more stability as well as durability.

So, do not wait any longer and browse through our amazing segway go karts and buy one now to add a whole new level of fun to your segway hoverboard riding!