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Rainbow Segway

Rainbow Segway - The perfect gift for your kids

Looking for a great gift you can give to your kids for their Birthday? Get them the Chrome Rainbow Segway Hoverboard LED 6.5" Self Balancing Scooter and watch their eyes sparkle in glee when they see what you have packed for them!

Here are the reasons why you’ve got to get this hoverboard:

IT’S NOT JUST FOR KIDS, IT’S FOR ADULTS TO – Play with your kids with this hoverboard and use it as a bonding time for the whole family! This way, you can get to spend time with them as you play along using this scooter.
COMES WITH CE CERTIFIED BATTERY AND SHELL – This ensures that there will be no mishaps that will happen when your kids are playing with the hoverboard. The body and the battery are made from high quality material safeguarding your kids from accidents.
INCLUDES A BUILTIN BLUETOOTH SPEAKER – Riding a hoverboard is not enough that is why this model is fitted with an in built Bluetooth speaker so that your kids can listen to their favorite songs while riding!
PERFECT FOR KIDS 10 YEARS OLD AND UP – Keep your kids active and have them stay outdoor! Having this hoverboard means they would spend more time outside instead of just hooking up at home playing video games!
Give your kids a gift that they will love to play with! Grab yours now!