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Purple Segway

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Buy an amazing Purple Segway now!

Willing to buy a hoverboard but not sure about the colour? Then a purple hoverboard is a perfect choice for you as purple is a bold colour and it suitable for both make and female riders.Many of our customers who are looking for a single coloured hoverboard end up buying this amazing purple segway board, so if you are one of them, delay no more and buy this high quality electric scooter now.

Purple segway hoverboard comes with great features

Along with its attractive colour, it also has many amazing features which makes it the perfect option for our buyers.

  • LED Lights - Hoverboard comes with LED Lights which helps to get a better front view while you are riding the hoverboard. This feature makes it possible for the rider to ride this hoverboard even during the night.
  • Bluetooth speakers - Purple hoverboard segway comes with built in bluetooth speakers which allows the rider to jam their favourite music while riding.
  • CE Certified Charger -  Hoverboard comes with a CE certified charger which makes it last longer at one charge.
  • Carry bag - Hoverboard comes with a carry bag which allows you to carry your hoverboard from place to place as per your wish.
  • Powerful Motor 

You can also buy great hoverkarts that you can attach with your hoverboard and convert your balancing board into a hoverboard go kart in just a few minutes. You can also detach the hoverkart from your hoverboard with ease. So what are you waiting for? Hurry and buy our amazing purple segway hoverboard now!