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Gold Segway

Get high quality Gold Segway UK at cheap prices

If you are looking for a shiny hoverboard then a gold segway is the right one for you. The colour gold is associated with sophistication and elegance, so if you want to buy an elegant hoverboard then definitely go for a segway board gold in colour. 

A gold segway comes with amazing features:

  • Self-balancing technology
  • Built in bluetooth speakers
  • Fast and Safe charging
  • LED Lights
  • Maximum speed 12km/h

Our best seller hoverboard in colour gold is the rose gold segway. If you want to stand out while riding down the street then we recommend this luxurious looking hoverboard. It is quite popular among the riders not only because of its colour but also due to the amazing features as mentioned above. You will find this hoverboard in 6.5 inch wheel size which is common and a popular size. It is recommended for ages 8 years old and older with a min weight 30kg (65 pounds) and max weight up to 100 kg (220 pounds) that makes it a fun ride for the whole family. 

Sizes you’ll find in a Gold Segway Hoverboard

  • 6.5 inch Gold Segway - If you are a beginner or want to buy a segway board for your child, then a 6.5 inch wheel size is recommended for you. This is the most popular and convenient size in a hoverboard. If you want to ride your gold segway hoverboard indoors or on smooth surfaces, then this is the best wheel size for you. 
  • 8.5 inch Gold Segway - If you want to make hoverboard riding even more fun and want to perform tricks on your hoverboard, then we suggest you buy a 8.5 inch segway board. This wheel size is bigger and more durable as compared to a 6.5 inch wheel size segway. It is also feasible to ride a 8.5 inch segway hoverboard on rough terrains as the bigger wheels provide a smooth ride even on rough surfaces.
  • 10 inch Gold Segway - This is the biggest wheel size you will find in a segway hoverboard. It is best known for providing a smooth ride on extremely rough terrains and is also more durable and tough. A 10-inch hoverboard has lots of advantages – They handle the road and grass much better, have lots of power.

So, Do not wait any longer and buy this amazing gold segway hoverboard now and get a great discount!