About Us

About Us

Hoverboard.co.uk believes in providing the most accurate and reliable information to the Hoverboard user. At Hoverboard.co.uk our team of experts work tirelessly researching many different Hoverboards every month to ensure that you buy not just the correct Hoverboard, but the best Hoverboard. We aim to provide all the information that the customer needs to satisfy their needs.

What We Promise Our Users

We’ll never suggest a Hoverboard for any reason other than what we believe it is a high quality Hoverboard. At Hoverboard.co.uk we treat each Hoverboard the same so that we can establish the differences ourselves between each board. We will tell you if the Hoverboard does what is promises and if it does it well. Our team of testers will try to answer all your Hoverboard questions, if you have any further questions that you need answering you can email us with your questions and our testers will get back to you as quick as possible with any answers you may require.

Who Are We

Our full team of testers at Hoverboard.co.uk are all very well trained with Hoverboards and are experts in understanding the internal specifications of each Hoverboard. Our Hoverboard testers cover everything from cheap budget Hoverboards, to high quality and multi terrain models. We understand that researching Hoverboards online can be difficult with many different types ranging for 6.5” wheels to 10” wheels. Our aim at Hoverboard.co.uk is to make this task as simple as possible while enabling the user to find the perfect Hoverboard they are after.

Our Testing Method

Our staff of expert Hoverboard testers have a two-step approach: thorough research and actual hands on time with the Hoverboard. The Hoverboards are all either provided to us by companies for us to evaluate their products or we purchase the Hoverboards and see if they live up to all the expectation that they are sold with.

How Our Reviews Work

At Hoverboard.co.uk we realise it’s never a question of one Hoverboard or one review. That is why for each Hoverboard that we test we provide a breakdown of information which also includes the Pro’s and Con’s of each board so there should be enough information made available to the customer to make the desired decision on their chosen Hoverboard.

Managing Director:

Sarah Evans

Testing Team:

Sean Connor

Jamie Howard

 Harry Bruce